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All-in-One Nutrition Shake Blend made with 85+ Superfoods, nutrients, and plant-based ingredients. Ka’Chava isn’t just protein or a meal replacement shake, it’s everything. Well, not everything. There’s no soy, no animal products, no gluten, no GMOs, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. And no stevia. Basically, you can get your macros (Protein, Fat,…









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Discover Kachava. A Nutritious Selection of superfood powders in 5 Delicious Flavors.
Woman on beach with KaChava. Enjoy Nutrient-packed benefits in one convenient blend, on the go.
Man drinking from a bottle outside. Kachava is crafted with Premium Ingredients.

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Consult with your physician if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or if you have any medical conditions. Keep out of reach of children.


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Mix 2 heaping scoops of Ka’Chava wwith 12-14 fluid ounces of cold water and ice, blend well and enjoy!

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Weight2.19 kg
Dimensions8 × 2 × 13 cm
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‎ 8 x 2 x 13 inches; 2.19 Ounces


‎ 851139005189 851139005059


50501700 (Macro nutrient supplements) Report an incorrect code


‎ B071NR9YLW

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‎ Tribal Nutrition LLC, Ka'Chava

10 reviews for Ka’Chava All-In-One Nutrition Shake

  1. TulipMadness

    Today is the first day trying Ka’chava. I purchased the vanilla. I skip lunch a lot. I have dangerously low iron (anemia.) Not a good combo for chasing a toddler around all day. I was looking for something to help bridge my nutritional gap for days when I don’t eat until 6pm, one meal a day. Why am I so tired all the time?Well….I made a half serving in my little portable blendjet thingy. That’s all that fit. It’s a big ol scoop. 2 scoops is a serving. I was too tired to get the big blender out and make a full serving. I mixed it with full fat coconut milk and a little water so the weak a$$ blender could mix the shake. On first sip it was very forward tasting vanilla. Like drinking vanilla cake batter. Not artificial tasting not overly sweet. Just good. I’m not a big sweets person. So if you love super sweet things this may not be your flavor profile.The texture was smooth I didn’t notice any chalky texture. The little blender left some dry pockets of powder but by the time I got to those I didn’t care, I sucked the first one down FAST. I was practically licking the glass out to get every expensive drop. I immediately made a second half serving and sucked that down.I’m sitting here afterwards feeling completely satisfied. Before I drank them I was starving! Like weak and shaky starving. (Why do I do that to myself ugh) my 3 year old had a couple ounces with me even he loved it. Being that it’s whole food vitamins it should be fine for him in small quantities? Right? Well this little kid eats like a picky toddler, sometimes he diet reflects in naughty toddler behaviors. After he drank 2-3 ozs he sat down and calmly put a puzzle together which by this time of day he would be throwing pieces around the house crashing his toy trucks into the walls.How am I feeling? Focused full happy. My body felt immediately tingling like it does when I drink green juices. I feel elevated. Is it expensive? Yes. But now I understand why.Also some of these bad reviews on here could it be that they ordered on Amazon from a reseller? Because they are on here, marking it up, reselling from who knows where and how it was stored. Just a thought, because I don’t know how anyone can give this anything less than 5 stars!Also I’ll try to remember to update my review and see if it helps with my nutritional deficienciesEditing to add to 1/18/24My 20 year old daughter tried it. She said it tasted and smelled like paper. She did not like it by itself, I dumped her glass in the blender, added strawberries and a banana. She drank it all and asked for a second glass. This girl is sadly despite a healthy upbringing is a victim of the Standard American Diet. I ordered her a bag now too. She said she wants to get back to the gym now, she’s feeling healthier after a couple days substituting lunch with a shake. She also said she’s sleeping better now too. Good stuff!

  2. Patricia C.

    I like everything about this product. Like that I’m getting a nutritious meal substitute that tastes good and has so much protein. I’m 74 and really don’t like meat and was finding myself tired and lacking energy. I started using this product a few months back and fairly quickly started feeling better and had more energy. Since I’m not a Dr it could be all a coincidence but if so, I hope it continues! I like that it’s so easy and fast to mix. I take it on vacation with me along with my immersion blender and a cup – perfect! I saw one review that gave it a one star and said that some of the ingredients were controversial and very dangerous, yet she didn’t say what they were. Also said the chocolate was thick and tasted awful. I haven’t tried the chocolate but that’s not true of the vanilla. This past summer I cut up fresh peaches and froze them and then blended them in with the vanilla. It was beyond delicious. I imagine most fruits would be good but I like it plain just blended with ice and water too. It is a bit pricey but if you compare it to the cost of a meal, it is very comparable. In fact much cheaper than eating out, especially fast/junk food. And so much better for you! I recommend this product.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I love the chocolate and vanilla flavors I bought them because I generally don’t eat regular meals. At times I have gone without eating a regular meal for three or four days. With kachava it’s easy to prepare and delicious and filling so I know I’m getting something nutritious in my system. I actually mis mine with half ice and half milk makes for a really delicious shake. I actually feel better during the days that I have it for breakfast and usually for either lunch or dinner. When my husband is out of town it makes an easy meal for just me alone. I recommend kachava to anyone that doesn’t have time or just doesn’t get in the meals they need to keep their bodies healthy I have many health issues and my shakes everyday have actually made me deal better each day

  4. Jane Doe

    I am on my 2nd K’achava, got the chocolate (would love to see how people like the vanilla.) I like that you can use the full amount or half the portion for a recovery drink, it still tastes good and the consistency when blended is great. I use it mostly as a recovery hydration/snack after exercise. One scoop blended with 12 oz water and some ice, a little frozen fruit– tastes great and is satisfying and hydrating! If you want more chocolate flavor, add a small spoon of baking cocoa powder or even Ovaltine (my fav, it adds a hint of sweetness and is also nutritious). The only thing it’s missing is adaptogens, but love that it is high fiber. Overall so complete and there are no obnoxious pyramid sales involved. I’m a CPT and Nutritionist and will recommend this to my clients looking for a good protein drink.

  5. Colleen Kutz

    Excellent ingredients, it’s a little pricey but it TASTES GOOD, so it’s worth the money to me. I’ve bought and wasted so much money finding a protein shake I can get down. This one actually is enjoyable to drink.

  6. aym91476

    I decided to have a shake for breakfast and lunch and eat a normal dinner to lose weightTastes great and I felt good while using it, high energy and no hunger pangs. I also loved that the ingredients were healthy and good for you.Unfortunately it resulted in terrible gas. I persevered for a couple of weeks but it was at the point where I could not go into work and work in the office (I can work remotely or in the office luckily), I couldn’t make any social plans with friends and even being at home with my husband and kids I had to “work late” so I was in a different room to avoid embarrassment.I switched to another brand of meal replacement shake and the issues have gone.A shame as I really wanted to like this.

  7. Raymond Allen

    I have problems with my esophagus and have been put on a liquid/puree diet. I have tried numerous products and all but 2 have given more issues than were worth. I was very skeptical about trying another plant based meal replacement. They all make me bloated, taste nasty, cause diarrhea…… You know what I am getting at. This one so far hasn’t caused any of that. I mix it with a banana and mangos and it taste good and does the job. Thanks Ka Chava.

  8. Julia Reid

    So I had purchased this years ago and remember it tasting really good. This time it was really chalky and just didn’t taste appealing at all. I contacted Kachava because there are no returns and they sent me another bag. It still was not for me, but their customer service is great so I gave 4 stars.

  9. Chad Wilt

    To start I am not a vegan. I was looking for a meal supplement, something like a shake for when I am busy, to replace breakfast. At 1 point I did protein shakes, but due to an injury I dont work out as much anymore. So I was looking for something simpler to use. Huel had too many options for me to want to figure out. Ka’Chava seemed simpler, pick a flavor. Looked good, sounded good, so I gave it a try. After some time and testing this is my personal opinion of what I found. I will also state I normally eat twice a day, first at 10-11am and then at 5pm. I am usually good all day with that schedule.This is not a Shake, Smoothie or Slushie. It is a drink. If you follow the directions it is a drink, not thick, nothing like what they show you. If you see a video of someone discussing how to make in a blender or shaker, they dont show you the end product, but if you look at the film on the blender, you can tell it is a drink and not a shake. Adding any amount of ice, with any amount of blending does not change that, you end up with a ton of ice particles floating on top of the drink. Because this is Vegan and non dairy, you mix a powder with water. It will always be a drink.The amount of water used has an effect. 12-12.5 oz gives you a good taste but chalky and gritty. 13-14 oz is watery and chalky.Now there are supposed to be 15 meals in a bag. But that serving is only 240 calories. As a full body meal or meal supplement or however you want to put it, nutrition wise that is starving as a meal. Talk to a Nutritionist, 400-500 calories should be a meal. More is over eating, less is starving the body. That is based on a 2000 calorie a day diet.Drinking like this, I found I was hungry within 2 hours. I did not feel energy or things like they said. The way I feel did not change. The only thing that changed it I drank this at 10am, I had to eat something by 12. So like this, it was not doing the trick.So later I started making with milk, 12 ozs, about 225 calories. Well it turned into a shake them and looked more like the pictures. I would also not start to get hungry for 4-5 hours. This equaled out to 465 calories a shake. Still a little chalky and gritty. It also could not be considered Vegan or Non-Dairy.Cost wise it did not seem that great either. A bag is roughly $70. As directed (and not effective) that equals out to $4.67 a meal. The milk I use is $4 a half Gallon, which equals 4 servings. So that equals out to $5.67 a meal. The protein shakes I made were cheaper (thats with milk, protein powder, peanut butter & nonfat plain Greek yogurt).So in the end I do not think this is worth the money

  10. Edgy

    My professor told me about this and I was so grateful. I know a lot of people don’t like meal replacement shakes but in a pinch this helps. You have to mix it with water which shocked me because I was expecting this to be nasty but it was actually very good. I also didn’t get that super gritty after taste after drinking it. I also added peanut butter in it, some oats, and fruits to make it taste differently but even without those added ingredients it was good.

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