HOP WTR – Sparkling Hop Water – Blood Orange – (12 Pack) – NA Beer, No Calories or Sugar, Low Carb, With Adaptogens and Nootropics for Added Benefits (12 oz Cans)

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Flavor Blood Orange Brand HOP WTR Item Form Liquid Item Weight 9.9 Pounds Specialty Gluten Free, Alcohol, Low Carb WANNA CRACK A COLD ONE THAT HELPS YOU WIND DOWN FROM TODAY AND START SHARP FOR TOMORROW? Our formula is packed with adaptogens and nootropics to deliver a balanced benefits without booze. Just sit back, crack…



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Your favorite Tonic Water


Cucumber slices, rosemary for garnish


Pour a 1:1 ratio of MANGO HOP WTR and tonic over ice and decorate with cucumber slices and rosemary. HOP-py hour is on.



2 oz of fresh grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon simple syrup


Blood orange slices, fresh rosemary sprigs.


Mix together grapefruit juice and simple syrup until dissolved. Pour BLOOD ORANGE HOP WTR over ice until glass is about 2/3 full and top with grapefruit mixture. Garnish. Best enjoyed while Instagram-ing a beautiful sunset. But that part’s technically optional.




1 ripe mango

Juice from 1/2 lime


Mango slices and mint for garnish


Slice and peel mango and puree in a blender. Pour mango puree into cocktail shaker. Stir in MANGO HOP WTR and lime juice until well mixed. Add ice to fancy glass of choice and stir in your mango mix. Garnish with mint and more mango and you’re ready to go-go.

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Meet Jordan & Nick

We still craved a cold beer after a long day, but knew we couldn’t keep up if we had to contend with hangovers or feeling weighed down.

We had no answer … until we served up HOP WTR.

We sip on it and can still aim high, take action, and feel present doing whatever we do

Raise a can or two with us, won’t ya?

Crafted in California. Enjoyed Everywhere.

The crisp marine layer. The cool ocean breeze. Sunsets you capture IRL because your phone just can’t do them justice. HOP WTR is inspired by and rooted in everything that makes the place we call home special.

Every day, we brew it, can it, and send it out on a mission to bring a taste of Southern California to wherever you are.

Hops Make us Happy

Not just because they taste so piney, earthy, and crisp. Those little flowers from the hop plant — iconic for bittering and stabilizing beer — help us feel good, too.

Hops have natural calming benefits. Yes way. But that’s almost always overshadowed by the effects of alcohol. Maybe it was time for a breakup (not sorry, beer).

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Weight9.9 kg
Dimensions10.94 × 5.3 × 8.12 cm

10 reviews for HOP WTR – Sparkling Hop Water – Blood Orange – (12 Pack) – NA Beer, No Calories or Sugar, Low Carb, With Adaptogens and Nootropics for Added Benefits (12 oz Cans)


    Delicious. Trying a new flavor

  2. Nick

    I found the drink to have. Alight tangerine flavor with a hint of hop. It’s actually a nice and refreshing beverage that doesn’t leave me feeling like I just drank a cup of sugar. Best served cold.

  3. BroncoTurbo

    These are delicious. Just the right amount of hop taste with the flavor of the water. Amazing.

  4. Alvin & Stitch

    I tried the HOP WTR – Sparkling Hop Water – Blood Orange drink, which is marketed as a healthy flavor drink. In my opinion, it tastes more like Blood Orange-flavored sparkling water and nothing like beer. The drink has no calories or sugar, is low in carbs, and also includes adaptogens and nootropics for added benefits. However, as is often the case with healthy drinks, the taste is not very good. Overall, I think it’s worth a try, but I personally would not buy it again

  5. Alex

    I love the flavor of blood orange so I was really excited to taste this hop water and I was not disappointed. Out of the box I received twelve 12 ounce cans of the blood orange sparkling hop water, all cans were in good condition, no dents or bulging, and the best by date was April 2024, so it tasted fresh out of the can.As far as the taste, it’s lightly carbonated with a citrusy orange flavor with a nice bold tartness to it, very crisp and refreshing. There is no sweetness to it and it doesn’t taste like seltzer, instead because you can taste the hops in it, I would compare it to a non-alcoholic light beer with mandarin orange slices in it.I can definitely recommend this product because it tastes good and there is no sugar, sodium, or calories, so I can see this as a nice replacement for other beverages that I normally purchase.

  6. Mike

    I really enjoy these! I’ve tried a lot of different sparkling water brands and flavors and this blood orange flavor is really nice. You can taste the hops and it adds a nice twist, but isn’t overpowering or off-putting at all – I wasn’t really sure what to expect with added hops and it’s a fun, unique taste for water. The price is a bit high at around $2.70 per can – this has more health additives than standard sparkling water so if that’s important to you than the price might be fine, but if you’re just comparing it to standard sparkling water it’s noticeably higher. Overall I really like the flavor and the twist of hops, but likely won’t buy these regularly since I’m mainly just looking for sparkling water and don’t care enough about the health claims to pay extra for it.

  7. Nicholas

    This product was not at all what I expected. I went in thinking I was going to have a very “hops forward” beverage. Essentially an IPA style beer without the alcohol. This is not at all what this product is. It tastes much more like a flavored carbonated water with a hint of hops. The blood orange flavor was most certainly the dominant flavor. It contains “adaptogens and nootropics” but assessing the effects of these types of ingredients is incredibly hard. There was no noticeable effect when drinking this. Overall it’s a fine product but the value is somewhat poor. I thought the value was based on a unique product full of hop flavors. You could justify the cost because there are simply no other products like that. However, that’s simply not what this product is. When compared flavored, carbonated, water it’s a poor value so I did deduct a star for that.

  8. L Shopper

    I don’t like beer, so you can discount my review if you want. That being said, this doesn’t taste like beer. When you open the can, there’s a very pleasant orange scent. When you sip, you get tasty orange flavor, but when you swallow, it turns sour from the hops. I thought adding orange juice would help, but not much improvement. It really doesn’t matter, though, because at almost three dollars a can I wouldn’t rebuy because of the price. I can mix up a nice G & T, or get a flavored soda for much less.

  9. As-Described

    as described

  10. Keith Rossman

    Pretty solid fizzy water. Mostly tasted like other blood orange sparkling waters though — can’t say that I really noticed much hop flavor, but still enjoyable.

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