HOP WTR – Sparkling Hop Water – Mango – (12 Pack) – NA Beer, No Calories or Sugar, Low Carb, With Adaptogens and Nootropics for Added Benefits (12 oz Cans)

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WANNA CRACK A COLD ONE THAT HELPS YOU WIND DOWN FROM TODAY AND START SHARP FOR TOMORROW? Our formula is packed with adaptogens and nootropics to deliver a balanced benefits without booze. Just sit back, crack open a cold one, and experience The Healthy Alternative to Beer. WANNA CRACK A COLD ONE THAT HELPS YOU…



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Your favorite Tonic Water


Cucumber slices, rosemary for garnish


Pour a 1:1 ratio of MANGO HOP WTR and tonic over ice and decorate with cucumber slices and rosemary. HOP-py hour is on.



2 oz of fresh grapefruit juice

1 tablespoon simple syrup


Blood orange slices, fresh rosemary sprigs.


Mix together grapefruit juice and simple syrup until dissolved. Pour BLOOD ORANGE HOP WTR over ice until glass is about 2/3 full and top with grapefruit mixture. Garnish. Best enjoyed while Instagram-ing a beautiful sunset. But that part’s technically optional.




1 ripe mango

Juice from 1/2 lime


Mango slices and mint for garnish


Slice and peel mango and puree in a blender. Pour mango puree into cocktail shaker. Stir in MANGO HOP WTR and lime juice until well mixed. Add ice to fancy glass of choice and stir in your mango mix. Garnish with mint and more mango and you’re ready to go-go.

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Meet Jordan & Nick

We still craved a cold beer after a long day, but knew we couldn’t keep up if we had to contend with hangovers or feeling weighed down.

We had no answer … until we served up HOP WTR.

We sip on it and can still aim high, take action, and feel present doing whatever we do

Raise a can or two with us, won’t ya?

Crafted in California. Enjoyed Everywhere.

The crisp marine layer. The cool ocean breeze. Sunsets you capture IRL because your phone just can’t do them justice. HOP WTR is inspired by and rooted in everything that makes the place we call home special.

Every day, we brew it, can it, and send it out on a mission to bring a taste of Southern California to wherever you are.

Hops Make us Happy

Not just because they taste so piney, earthy, and crisp. Those little flowers from the hop plant — iconic for bittering and stabilizing beer — help us feel good, too.

Hops have natural calming benefits. Yes way. But that’s almost always overshadowed by the effects of alcohol. Maybe it was time for a breakup (not sorry, beer).

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Carbonated Filtered Water, Hop Essence, Natural Flavor, Black Tea Extract, Ashwagandha Root Powder, Maca Root Powder, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Vitamin C

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions8.25 × 11 × 5.5 cm

10 reviews for HOP WTR – Sparkling Hop Water – Mango – (12 Pack) – NA Beer, No Calories or Sugar, Low Carb, With Adaptogens and Nootropics for Added Benefits (12 oz Cans)

  1. Amazon Customer

    This hop water is better than i expected. I was looking for nootropics and heard andrew huberman speak about the benefits of hop water. It is great to drink after a long stressful day and knock back a cold can. Makes you feel very relaxed. I will add this to my subscription orders.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I’m always hesitant to try products like this but I was not disappointed with Hop Water. Clean and crisp taste. It also helps relax me.

  3. Michael D. Smith

    Fans of of hop flavors, HOP WTR will likely become your non-alcoholic go-to. Those of you who enjoy a variety of flavorful sparkling waters, ditto. Tasty, healthy product (non-alcoholic, no fat, no calories, no carbs, no sugar, no sodium, no caffeine) and great customer service. Highly recommended. Here’s my “why” (note that I have not been compensated in any way for this review):1) HOP WTR is a delicious and refreshing IPA alternative (especially the “classic” version, imho: crisp, citrusy, piney, and a whiff of earthiness), featuring a balanced mixture of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Azacca hops; clean, subtly complex, mouthwatering. I’ve had many good “alt IPA” products–Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher, Lagunitas IPNA, Sierra Nevada Hop Splash, etc.–but nothing compares to the crisp, refreshing, hop complexity of HOP WTR. If you’d like to add a little fruit to the mix, they use the same hop recipe in their peach, blood orange, lime, and mango varieties, each well-balanced, and all genuine flavors. No artificial tastes here at all.2) HOP WTR has also become my favorite sparkling water for all the flavorful, healthful reasons notes, but there are beautiful bonuses. First off, 108 mg of vitamin C. Second, they use sdaptogens, herbs and minerals that help manage stress and cortisol levels; HOP WTR is made with ashwagandha to support the ability to de-stress and unwind. Third, the HOP WTR recipe includes nootropics, supplements that boost your brain’s function by targeting specific neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamin; they use a 50 mg dose of mood-boosting L-Theanine that is shown to improve memory, decision-making, creativity and overall cognitive performance. Bottom line is that HOP WTR does genuinely help me de-stress and focus, but of course these qualities are going to be subjective for every consumer.3) Lastly, since I do still occasionally drink cocktails, I can attest to HOP WTR being a brilliant highball mixer for scotch and Japanese whiskies. HOP WTR classic is a great way to start experimenting, and then you can branch out to the fruit versions according to taste. Turns out hops play very nicely with these spirits. Sláinte!

  4. Michael M. McMahon

    While doing Dry January, I’ve been exploring NA options and stumbled across the Sierra Nevada hop water. It was really great, with a nice clean taste punctuated by a good selection of hop varieties. To me it, tasted like what it was – a long time brewer’s jump into making hop water. Unfortunately it’s not currently on Amazon. The reviewed product looked like a good alternative but it’s not in the same league. This tastes like a water company decided to make a foray into something containing an ingredient in beer and didn’t quite get it right. While the SN water has a nice clean taste punctuated by hops, this product has a strange citrusy taste that almost seems like an infusion rather than a citrus flavor derived from hops. I’ll be back to my local liquor store to buy the Sierra Nevada product until it becomes available here with Prime shipping.

  5. Patricia Warfield

    Would buy it on repeat and drink much like seltzer water but it’s too expensive.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’ve tried a ton of different hop waters on the market and this one is not worth wasting your money on. It tastes like it’s been essenced with pine sol. Bummed I didn’t try a single can before ordering a bunch

  7. Andy

    This is my all time favorite “fancy drink.” I use to make fun of my friend for drinking fancy drinks. Then I got sober and quit alcohol. Then I got into sparking water and then making it at hone. Now I’m hooked on HOP WTR. I’m often curious about the low ratings. Why did those low rating people purchase this? Anyway, if you like delicious sparkling healthy treats with a crispy kick, this is for you. It’s amazing. I’m trying to get the markets in Oklahoma City to start selling these.My only negative is the price. I wish there was a way to get a bulk discount. But I’ll gladly pay it if I have to. These fancy beverages are worth every penny.

  8. Danielle Sikes

    A local bar has these on their menu. After trying one I looked online for more flavors online and found the mango. I’m a big beer fan, but have been spending a lot of time training for some upcoming races and wanting to cut back on the alcohol. The flavor is great and I honestly like that it’s a hoppy sparkling drink rather than just trying to be a straight non alcoholic beer. Plus it’s got 120% vitamin C with the extra benefits. Would definitely recommend.

  9. Amazonian

    Review is for the Classic style.This water has a pleasant flavor though I would not consider it a great replacement for fans of IPAs. It does have a hop flavor in the background, but the most pronounced flavor is citrus and what seems to be something like lavender and/or fennel. It is refreshing and enjoyable, though at a premium cost. I purchased because I was curious about the nootropics and adaptogens. Do they accomplish what the makers intend or at least what they pitch? In my case, no. I’ve had four of the six, to date, and the result has not been a sense unwinding and relaxing. Instead, I have not noticed much beyond feeling a bit sleepy – though not necessarily relaxed. This isn’t really what I was looking for and, in fact, is a bit of a detraction from purchasing again. Others may have different reactions (or non-reactions, as the case may be). But, I’m one and done with this product. If I want an IPA-like hop water, I will head in a different direction (like Lagunitas and others) or I’ll go for one of several good to excellent NA/AF brews. I don’t regret the purchase (and it might be just the ticket for some), but I’m also not in for another round.

  10. theresa m jolloff

    I just got my package five minutes ago, and had to try it.First off: packaging is fantastic! I got the 12 “pack” which comes in two six packs. I love that you can push in the two slots up top to help pull out each individual packing with ease and store them right away.Taste: I feel like I’m drinking tangerine lacroix- which I love! No sweetness at all. Which I also love. It’s slightly hoppy, so it you’re a lover of very hoppy drinks this is not the substitute for you. Thankfully, I like less hoppy beers.I don’t have an opinion on effects yet, but will add more later. So far, so good though.Also, I feel this was super affordable.

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