Moment Adaptogen Drink (Shark Tank) – Sparkling Combo Variety (new). Contains L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, & Ginseng for Focus & Stress Relief. 0 Added Sugar. 15-20 Calories. Alcohol & Caffeine Free. No Preservatives (11.5 fl oz. 12-pack)

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Brand Drink Your Meditation Item Form Liquid Flavor Mocktail Variety Package Information Can Item Volume 11.5 Fluid Ounces Ditch the sugar & enjoy good-for-you ingredients: Made with real fruits and immunity-boosting botanicals like tropical hibiscus, summer mint, & floral rhubarb to support gut health and improve overall wellness with 15-20 calories or less, no added…



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Hi, I’m Aisha, the Founder of Moment

The world is busier and more stressful than ever. Having grown up with adaptogens, I saw the incredible ways in which they could change lives. So I started this movement to inspire others with better moments.

I took all the goodness of meditation, along with healthy ingredients and calming adaptogens and squeezed this feeling into a delicious botanical water.

So go on, give yourself a break – this is your Moment.

M by moment powder blends

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10 reviews for Moment Adaptogen Drink (Shark Tank) – Sparkling Combo Variety (new). Contains L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, & Ginseng for Focus & Stress Relief. 0 Added Sugar. 15-20 Calories. Alcohol & Caffeine Free. No Preservatives (11.5 fl oz. 12-pack)

  1. Amazon Customer

    Moment is revolutionary for people who struggle with anxiety or just need a way to relax that doesn’t involve alcohol. I’ve had anxiety since I was young and even with Lexapro, sometimes I need something more and that’s when I’m extra grateful that I found Moment. 1-2 drinks and I feel so relaxed. I can’t stress enough how amazing these are. Cherry hibiscus, plum ginseng and spiced mango are so good!

  2. Cheryl Combs

    I have been wanting to try Moment for a while. I’ve tried a couple of other andaptogen drinks and they were okay. These are by far the best. I honestly do feel very chilled out and relaxed after drinking Moment. The flavors are good, the packaging is pretty and they definitely help me relax.

  3. S

    The cherry hibiscus and lychee mint flavor were ok. The lychee mint was a little smoother, but they both had decent flavors. I didn’t like the plum flavor at all, something prickly in the flavor didn’t sit well with my tastebuds. It doesn’t quite have that ‘feel good’ feeling as some of their adds claim, but it’s not a bad drink for the supplemental benefits.

  4. Kitty O

    I love the option for a bubbly drink that has benefits. This flavor was a bit too tart for me, but I still felt good about drinking it and it did seem to help me unwind. Also supporting a small, woman-owned business! I’d be interested in trying the other flavors.

  5. Lara Welch

    I love these drinks so much!! They are a bit pricey but they are a great go to after a long workday without the guilt of alcohol. They taste great and help you feel relaxed. The only thing about these drinks that I wish was different is that I could purchase them in store locally.

  6. Kindle Customer

    I was skeptical but willing to try as a substitute for my nightly wine. First of all, the taste is great!! I would drink these even if there was no buzz. But even better? The relaxed chilled out feeling similar to alcohol without the calories. Will buy again!

  7. Amazon Customer

    I like the relaxed feeling that I get when I drink them, but if I am being totally honest, I don’t enjoy the taste. They have a vinegar taste to me. I will use them up because they are pricey, but they are not for me.

  8. Stacey Montgomery

    I love the tart taste and it really relaxes me.

  9. Emmy Penny

    Ordered a variety pack to try for dry January and have been enjoy them so far. The lychee mint flavor is definitely my least favorite flavor of the variety pack, but have really enjoyed the other flavors. Will likely even re-purchase when February rolls around!

  10. Aundrea

    I am embracing an alcohol free lifestyle. It’s been a few years of realizing that alcohol isn’t doing me any favors. I just turned 40 and want to focus on health, fitness, being present with my family and longevity. I’ve been trying all sorts of AF drinks to enjoy in social situations or just when I want to bask in the sun with a special drink.Here are my brief thoughts:-Ingredients: These have all the best ingredients. I’m very impressed with them in this regard.-Cuteness factor: I hate to sound cheesy, but I want a cute drink. I don’t want to feel punished with an ugly can of something. These are gorgeous cans. I love the colors, texture and overall appearance. People have commented many times how cute they are. Marketing department gets 5 stars!-Taste: This is where I have to level with you. I really am not a fan of how these taste. I’m finishing the box of them because of all the above factors, but ughhhhh… It’s like drinking watered down apple cider vinegar with some botanical water. Based on other reviews I know that people like that sort of thing. I’m not a fan of LA Croix or other sparkling waters, so maybe that’s why.-Price: These aren’t cheap, but they are in par with what others are being sold for. I also think about how much I paid for drinks on restaurants. About 2-3 drinks at a bar equal a case of this.Overall, I’ve still be drinking these because they weren’t cheap and I do like time ingredients. I won’t be buying again. I’ll go with the Kowa and or Leilo, which taste better and still have good ingredients.

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