Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Nostalgic Variety Pack, 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 20)

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Zevia Diet Soda Nostalgic Variety Pack: Get taste of our deliciously fruity Zevia sodas; This variety pack includes 4 cans each of the Cola, Ginger Ale, Creamy Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Dr. Zevia flavors, for a total of 20 cans Zevia is committed to reducing sugar consumption by offering a variety of zero calorie beverages…



The Zevia Nostalgic Variety Pack is everything your little heart imagines it to be. A wondrous journey into five delicious flavors – Cola, Ginger Ale, Creamy Root Beer, Cream Soda and Dr. Zevia. This mixed pack will give you a good taste of all Zevia’s fruity flavors have to offer.

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Zevia zero sugar naturally sweetened

Orange Soda Can with Glass

Zevia Zero Sugar Beverages

Delicious and refreshing naturally sweetened beverages

Giving up sugar doesn’t need to be difficult. At least not when it comes to your soft drinks. Zevia has the bold flavors you love with plant-based ingredients. Our Sodas, Energy, Mixers, and Kidz beverages have great taste, zero sugar, and can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Zevia is vegan, kosher, gluten free, and NON GMO project verified

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Cola: Carbonated water, Stevia Leaf Extract, Tartaric acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, Citric acid. Ginger Ale: Carbonated water, Citric acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, Natural Flavors, Ginger Extract. Creamy Root Beer: Carbonated Water, Stevia Leaf Extract, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid. Cream Soda: Carbonated water, Natural Flavors, Stevia Leaf Extract, Citric Acid. Dr. Zevia: Carbonated water, Stevia Leaf Extract, Tartaric acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, Citric acid

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10 reviews for Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Nostalgic Variety Pack, 12 Fl Oz (Pack of 20)

  1. Brandon R.

    Let me start by saying that I haven’t had real soda in over 5 years due to the high sugar content, so my review could be thrown off by my cravings for some soda that tastes like my favorite flavors, vice 50g of sugar. Before quitting soda in its entirety, my favorite flavors were Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Sprite.I bought the variety pack in an effort to give the fullest review possible for Zevia products! Here are my findings, no flavor left out but starting with my favorites(note: all flavors are the new “clear” versions):Soda like flavors-Ginger Ale: 9/10, great mixer for my favorite cheaper whiskeys, Jameson, Bulliet, etc… It’s a great authentic ginger flavor, as Zevia actually used real ginger and citrus oils so it’s also good on the stomach like real ginger ale. It’s definitely a flavor that I keep on hand for all occasions, get togethers or afternoon refreshment.Dr. Zevia: 10/10, pleasantly surprised! In the past Dr. Pepper was my everyday drinker so letting go of these sugary and carb loaded drinks were depressing to say the least. NOW, the time has come that I discovered my old friend but dressed a little differently in packaging. Absouletly great and similar in flavor to the real thing. Perfect score for me!Cola: 8/10, deliciously refreshing! I’ve noticed a lot of negative feedback on the Cola flavor but I don’t see the problem that others talk about. Bad aftertaste? Have you not realized the aftertaste of real Cola?? It’s the same thing, all soda leaves an aftertaste so get used to this after taste or let your teeth rot and drink your daily intake of sugar in one sitting with Coca-Cola. Now, for me the flavor is spot on and I really enjoy the similar flavors brought out Zevia in the Cola flavor!Ginger Root Beer: 9/10, bubbly than ever but great flavor. This is actually the first Zevia flavor I tried and what turned me on to buying the entire variety pack and trying them all. Flavor is perfect in all aspects, reminds me of drinking A&W Root Beer. Now all flavors of Zevia are quite bubbly bit this flavor in particular felt like it needed to ‘rest’ for a moment before drinking or else it felt like the liquid you sipped up turned into pure bubbles in your mouth! Aftertaste, again you just need to accept that all soda has an aftertaste so if it’s not the same as your normal root beer then continue to rot your brain.Cherry Cola: 9/10, big fan after stepping out of my comfort zone. I haven’t been a big fan of cherry cola, ever, but this flavor enabled me to have a change in heart towards cherry flavored refreshments. NOT overly sweet like the real deal, so this could be a turn off or a turn on. Give it a try and decide for yourself!Mountain Zevia: 9/10, big flavor and right flavor! I really enjoyed this one and believe it relates to Mountain Dew but I actually like it better than what I remember from the actual soda. Flavors of orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit run through my veins with this drink, but wait maybe that’s the caffeine! This one has a nice boost in it for some reason. Maybe have this one like a pre-workout, or before you hit this slopes this winter season.Caffeine Free Cola: 8/10, didn’t taste the difference between the Cola and this caffeine free flavor so that’s a plus! Not much to say here except that its good for that late night craving without the caffeine involved.Cream Soda: 6/10, this one is personal. NOT a cream soda fan so I could barely stomach 3 sips to get the flavor. If you like cream soda then this might be for you!Lemon Lime Twist: 4/10, cleaning product? Very disappointing flavor, especially if this is the Sprite equivalent. I thought I was drinking something from underneath my kitchen sink. Sorry Zevia, better luck next time on this one.Fruity flavors-Grapefruit Citrus: 10/10, my favorite of the fruity’s! I was actually pleasantly surprised by this flavor and would but it over and over again. It is a great mix of grapefruit and lemon lime flavors that meet perfectly in the middle. Not like a juice, not like a soda, but just right! Also, caffeine free!Black Cherry: 8/10: another flavor great flavor! Honestly wasn’t expecting much of this one but it was delicious. A good berry soda without the old normal flavors involved. Again, not juice flavors but soda with strong hints of black cherry. Caffeine free!Orange: 8/10, if you’re a orange soda fan then this flavor is great! Haven’t been an orange soda in the past due to such a thick flavor feeling hitting my taste buds this flavor has just the right amount of flavor and classic soda feeling. Again, caffeine free!Grape: ??/10, Wow couldn’t drink this one to give it a review, but hey it smelled like grape juice! Not a fan, try someone else to get this review.Strawberry: 7/10, strawberry just isn’t a flavor that goes with bubbly soda to me but I could see this being a great mixer with your liquor of choice! OR if you have kids, this could be a great non-sticky fruit drink. Caffeine free!!These are just my opinions and tastebuds so before you let people’s negatives reviews get the best of your “add to cart” click, just think of how many people come on just to complain because they have been drinking real soda “all” of their life. These drinks are by far the closest thing to real soda without the terrible health side effects. I don’t know about you, but these will stay stocked in my fridge!!Note: I still drink these daily so I will check back in to update my review if I have a change in heart.

  2. Roger Keeling

    I have a huge problem with the most commonly-used artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Equal) and sucralose (Splenda) used in most sodas: they cause me nerve damage. I may be an extremely rare case, but lots of experimenting over the years with my doctor has proven the point, and I suspect other folks may be suffering (knowingly or unknowingly) from the same reaction as mine to those sweeteners.Thing is, I’m also diabetic, so table sugar is a no-no. What are my alternative choices for soda?Stevia and monkfruit are the two sweeteners that I mostly rely on, as they seem to cause me no problems. When it comes to soda, that pretty much means Zevia (sweetened with stevia) and Virgil’s no-sugar sodas (sweetened with monkfruit). The Virgil’s has terrific flavor — IF you like a very old-style or Craft-style root beer — but is hard to find and expensive once you do (typically $1.25 to $2.50 for a 12-ounce can or bottle). Zevia isn’t quite as tasty, but it’s still very good, comes in a wide array of flavors, has no coloring agents (all the varieties are clear), and is much more widely available (here at Amazon, and also at some Target and Safeway stores). BUT, it can also be more expensive than I want to pay, ranging from 80-cents to $1 per can, or more if you’re not careful about watching for sales.THIS variety pack provides a very good selection and a more reasonable price (about 50-65 cents per can). Yeah, that’s still more than Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke on sale most anywhere. But Zevia is a good, high-quality product. I down-rate it at all simply because some of the flavors are of little interest to me, but there’s no real alternative offerings. You can’t, for example, match this price buying the same large quantity of just one flavor of Zevia like root beer or caffeine-free cola. But overall a good value.Addendum on 4/1/23: Dear me, the product I was specifically reviewing — a 24-can variety pack for about $15 — has changed price. Now more like $20-24. It wasn’t previously listed as being on special sale, so I’m saddened by the sudden change in price. Now it appears to be running 90-cents to over $1 a can, depending on what you choose to order. It’s still worthwhile for me — sugary options and anything with artificial sweeteners remain no-gos for me — but I’m frustrated by it. If you’re going to order, check the pricing carefully.

  3. Gam’ma

    I have ordered quite a few of these Zevia sodas over the past several weeks. I am not sure which is my favorites… I can tell you my LEAST favorite though so far. The Mountain Zevia is horrible in my opinion.. I am not too thrilled over the lemon lime twist one either. Tasted like nothing but a hint of flavor and ton of carbonated over flow taste, In My opinion, the ones that have less of that “aftertaste” is the Ginger Root Beer. { If you can handle drinking regular diet sodas.. You can definitely handle ANY these!” They are much better for you they are NON GMO and Sweetened with a natural sweetener and simply put , Artificial sweeteners causes achy painful joints, headaches, inflammation… and a few other health problems. The caramel color in regular sodas are made with AMONIA… Yes the stuff on the cleaning isle at your local stores!! It is poison folks! Anything with Caramel Color {even in foods } IS MADE WITH AMONIA! Nevertheless… with the Zevia, There are no artificial colors etc. You do get used to them and after a while you don’t really even notice the aftertaste really… Now, On to the shipping issues….Granted I have had a few come in damaged and the box be wet from the soda spewing everywhere. I didn’t make fuss about it… I was like hey…. It happens… Today was an exception!!!! By far the absolute WORST EVER YET!!!!!! Over half of each case was busted /damaged! The boxes were smelling pretty wicked to say the least.. What I have also come to realize is this… In some cases with my orders. I requested an amazon box so that what I was purchasing was not revealed. { In my thought process was that it would protect it much better added box/added protection…. } This is just not so… especially when adding in the factors of ordering at least 2 cases each time. They put both cases in the same box making it extremely heavy. Therefore increasing the chances of it getting dropped or just set down hard, which causes the can to hit together and with all this wonderful save the planet by recycling.. pieces of garbage for cans. YIKES…they are undoubtedly at some point are going to bust open with the slightest impact.{ I think things such as this should not be allowed to be put in a recycled anything, personally} The cans would definitely hold up much better in the shipping process altogether. They could actually take a few licks before they ever rupture and make one disgusting mess. They may get dented here and there a touch, It would definitely save everyone the hassle and headache of having to go through customer service to get them replaced and so on…. YOU CAN NOT RETURN THESE NOR GET A REFUND!!! All you can do is go through process of getting replacements.

  4. SGC

    Zevia was a great find for me. It lacks most of the bad stuff in other bubbly drinks and has full flavor then any other clear bubbly I’ve ever tried. Too bad so many flavors have caffeine. I watch the price and when one of the flavors dips, I grab them up. It’s a trip to drink something that looks like club soda but tastes like root beer.

  5. AJ

    Good, healthy, sugar substitute, I’ve added to water When craving something sweet without calories, sodium, carbs. Great substitute less chemicals than most. Add a little flavor to water. It’s a little expensive. But good product.I wish they still carried this variety.Ginger root beer was the most liked flavor for friends and family

  6. Grits

    If you want a REAL “cola” flavor, this is not it. But if you like the idea of a no-calorie carbonated soda with a nice flavor, this IS it – and it’s got somewhat of a cola flavor to it. My wife happens to have what’s called burning mouth syndrome, and very few things help relieve it except a topical pain relieving prescription gel periodically. Ironically, carbonized drinks actually reduce discomfort for her while also providing the pleasure of a nice drink that has no sugar. Very nice product.Personally, I try to seriously limit sodas, particularly due to the calories, and every once in a while “steal” one of hers rather than purchase cola drinks (my preference, but I generally avoid the temptation). I vote “adequate,” she votes “outstanding,” and for her use they are definitely that. We’ve put it on an Amazon subscription she likes it so much.UPDATE 8 September 2022: This WAS a 5-star review, and the product itself tastes like a 5-star product. We love it. However, after at least five damaged shipments (we’re talking multiple crushed cans that leaked completely out over all the other cans), it’s clear that Amazon’s shipper (UPS) in each case does not care about product handling labels clearly marked on the boxes when they do use original fairly strong shipping boxes (24 cans of 12 oz Zevia), and if Amazon packages it (either a dozen 16 or 12 oz. cans), they include almost zero packing inside with plenty of room for the case of Zevia to be tossed around inside if the shipping box (very flimsy when it’s Amazon packaging) isn’t handled well. The chances of you getting 100% of your cans delivered intact are very slim. We’re not talking slight dents, but highly significant distortion of the tops of cans that are badly bulging upward with caved in seams on the sides, as well as significant denting of the bottom outer edge, which has also caused leaks in some cases.Apparently the LEAST damage occurs when they ship in Zevia’s original shipping box, which is only the case of 24 12-oz cans. A dozen cans, regardless of size, are unlikely to make it with all cans still intact, and a high likelihood of at least some significantly damaged ones even if they don’t quite spring a leak. UPS does not seem to care, and Amazon seems quite willing to just refund money, even if some of the cans are still intact, which increases costs for everyone and hurts sales of an otherwise excellent product.This IS a product issue, not just a shipping issue, because this is what the Amazon review system is based on – quality of product, or usability of product, and this type of product is NOT properly shipped, causing virtually 100% of all shipments to have had at least some damaged cans, with many of them leaking. That should be legitimate for a starred product review, particularly when a review such as this states in the title that the product is good BUT to read further, so potential customers will know the whole story before buying. Few Amazon buyers bother to go searching out separate comments about shipping and handling, so they would not otherwise know that there’s a very high chance they will not receive 100% of their product in usable condition – if that information is not available in a product review.Again – it’s a great product, but if you want to take home 100% of your purchase, get it at a local market (for more money, unfortunately).

  7. spider04drwho

    I have ordered this a few times now, and the more that I drink it, the more that I really love it. Now, I do have a favorite root beer (Boylan Bottling Natural Root Beer Soda), however I don’t always have $50 to get it. It is what it is, and I just got to make do. It was either a choice of this (Zevia) brand, or another cheaper alternative. It was the “creamy” part of the description that made me want to try this one.Now, when I got them, I did try one next day (after putting some in the fridge). It was surprizingly, really, really good! And, there most definitely was no aftertaste. It was super “creamy”, and very delicious!Kind of related (sorry for TMI), but I do (or, did) suffer chronic constipation. My doctor had me not take any more OTC laxatives as they were making my situation far more worse (as in, they just weren’t working). So, a few years ago, he started prescribing me Sorbitol (this is a sickeningly overtly-sweet sweetener/ laxative). This stuff tasted so nasty, and I had the hardest time downing a dose. Enter in, Zevia…I was not at all, expecting any (medicinal) results from drinking Zevia. It tasted relatively good, so I was happy. But, within just half a can of consumption, I found myself running to the bathroom. Like every single day, half a can, and I just had to go immediately! So, I decided to look up “stevia”, as I had never had that, and found out that it is in fact a natural sweetener. So, if you have a sensitivity to natural sweeteners as apparently like I do, you may want to counter in that fact, before you buy it. Now, I am usually at home (at any given time) regardless, so I prefer to still drink this (almost daily) for how it helps to correct my chronic problem, as I seem to no longer suffer it now while drinking Zevia. Sorbitol, is not recommended to take every day, only as needed. So, with drinking just a half can of Zevia, and I’m going that same day, well I can honestly say that I have not been constipated for months.Now, I recommend drinking this straight from the can, I drink half and then put plastic wrap over the top and will drink this next day. I say this, about drinking from the can directly, because the color of it is very off-putting, I mean if you are used to drinking (normal) root beer. When you pour Zevia into a cup/ or, glass, it is crystal clear. And, I feel like I’m not drinking root beer, which then (kind of) mars the taste for me.If you suffer chronic constipation, I’d recommend giving this a go, as it tastes a million times better than just straight up Sorbitol. All in all, I’m really glad I tried this, as it is now a permanent staple in my diet.

  8. Tina Lee Johnson

    I’ve been looking for a caffeine beverage with zero calories and most also come with zero sugar. But, the sweeteners most use are chemical versions. This brand Zevia uses a natural sweetener called Stevia. I like that. What surprised me when pouring it into my glass was that it was clear. I am so used to cola being brown. The first taste I noticed upon drinking it was stevia. I am one that loves sweetness and the sweet to me helps me quench the “sweet-tooth” cravings I get. The taste is ok, but I don’t notice much cola taste. Maybe it was because this is cherry cola. I will also try the regular cola as well. Not having a strong cola taste is not a deal breaker for me. I love that it provides me with caffeine(35mg per can) and is zero calories. The price is less than $1 per can. I am not sure what the Accuracy of the star ratings is for, to be honest. And, I would have given the overall rating and flavor rating 5 stars if I would have tasted more cola. This is my new cola of choice! Another small negative is having to deal with the cans afterward.

  9. Michael

    When my wife and doctor both told me I drink too many diet Cokes, I had to make a change.We started with sparkling waters; LaCroix, Spindrift, Bubly, Perrier, etc. They all tasted like water with a hint of flavor…they were not adequate replacements for my old friend…Diet Coke.I was at Whole Foods looking for alternatives and I saw Zevia. I bought a few flavors to test out. They were fine. Not nearly as sweet as Diet Coke, which was ok because it was MUCH sweeter than the sparkling water options.I started with Cola, then moved to Black Cherry, Cream Soda and now I’ve been drinking Ginger Root Beer for over 3 years. I kicked a dangerous habit and replaced it with something more manageable.

  10. CorvetteNut

    For years, we have been enjoying Zevias as our go-to soft drinks. They are the only ones we keep stocked at home, and our absolute favorite is the caffeine-free cola. It not only tastes amazing but also effectively satisfies our cravings for a sugary soft drink. We have been loyal consumers of this product for quite some time and have every intention of continuing to purchase it. Additionally, we have had no difficulties when buying in bulk from Amazon. The packaging has always been great, ensuring our order arrives in excellent condition.

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